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Fairford soft starters can be applied to any application in almost any environment. The product selector employs 30years of our experience to ensure the highest possible performance and the best return on investment.

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A short video about Fairford Electronics – The original pioneer of Softstarter technology remains the most specialized and experienced in the Soft Start industry.

Variable Speed Drives are not needed in all applications, with fixed speed loads, a soft-starter is a better option.

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With ratings from 2.2kW to 22kW, the PFE is ideally placed to support smaller AC induction motors. See… https://t.co/s9WssAkJeR
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Our global network of partner organisations extends to Serbia where we work with Saturn Electric d.o.o. See… https://t.co/Ep68oqX7se
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Our synergy soft starter uses Fairford’s globally renowned Automatic Setup feature allowing simple operation. See… https://t.co/uPUfQq9HLA
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