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As the original pioneers of soft start technology, Fairford™ have been at the forefront of motor control innovation since the 1970s.

A major designer and manufacturer of soft start motor control solutions Fairford™ have manufactured and supplied 1,000,000s of products into the market place and are recognised as the reference point for many control solution providers worldwide.

A short video about Fairford Electronics – the original pioneer of soft starter technology remains the most specialised and experienced in the soft start industry

As a true innovator, Fairford™ can proudly lay claim to creating the digital soft starter market as we know it today and ensuring continual development to meet changing global demands.

The story started in 1979 when Fairford™ first introduced digital electronic control of electric motors to the world – a significant technological leap giving engineers the ability to efficiently control the use of electricity in motorised applications.

Today there are more than 1,000,000 low voltage soft starters in operation across the globe and Fairford™ is continually developing new products to cut energy consumption as well as reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Innovation is at the heart of everything Fairford™ does and the company’s focus is on developing and innovating efficiency technologies for industry proven to meet the economic, financial and corporate social responsibility needs of global markets.

Fairford’s customers know the issues they face and we listen to them, resulting in the creation of new concepts as well as the refinement of existing products to achieve the best possible solutions.

Over 35 years experience in motor control solutions
Our network of partners can provide sales and support across the globe

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