Founded in 1979, Fairford Electronics are specialist designers and producers of Soft Starters and Energy Optimising Soft Starters for AC induction motors. Based in the UK we serve industrial and commercial markets worldwide with 80% of our annual sales being exported.

In the mid seventies, Frank Nola of NASA invented an energy saving algorithm for single phase induction motors. Many commercial manufacturers tried to adapt this technology for three phase induction motors but failed.

However, in 1982, Fairford became the first company in the world to design and produce the first fully digital three phase Soft Starter with automatic Energy Optimising – the Fairford EO System was granted patents in the USA, Japan, Australia and Europe.

By specialising exclusively in this one area, Fairford have been able to lead the market through innovative design and engineering excellence.

As a result, we have developed many new features with increasingly more effective solutions to suit all sizes and complexity of applications.

Today, with a successful track record recognised around the world, Fairford are known internationally as the pioneers of digital soft starters and are still innovating today.

Innovative features such as touch screen and automatic setup make Synergy extremely easy to setup and use

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