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Auxiliary Fan

Allows up to 60 Starts/Hour
PFE-02 to 10: PEFFAN01
PFE-12 to 18: PEFFAN02

Power Supply – 100/230VAC to 24VDC

PFE-02 to 18: APSU005-R

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Global Service & Repair Locations
Motortronics USA

Phasetronics Inc. dba Motortronics, 1600 Sunshine Drive
Clearwater, Florida 33765
Tel: 727-573-1819     Fax: 727-573-1803




Central America

Motortronics Korea

41, Cheoyongsaneop 4-gil, Cheongryang-myeon
Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea
Tel: 052-237-5808     Fax: 052-237-5806