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Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

What would you do if you had a non-standard application and off the shelf solutions just don’t cut the mustard?
This was a question posed by Ian Mills of Energy Saving Solutions, one of Fairford’s UK partners; the answer was to speak with the market leading motor controller innovator to see if there was anything that could be done.
Energy Saving Solutions (ESS) is a UK energy saving company who work with clients from small retail customers to multinational conglomerates. They were approached by a large telecoms company and asked to help reduce energy costs on their refrigeration compressors, using experience of similar installations in McDonalds UK, ESS employed Fairford XFE motor control solutions on the telecoms companies scroll compressors.
Scroll compressors can become unstable at certain parts of the cycle and this instability can cause vibrations that are not desired by consumers. The XFE motor controllers reduce this instability as standard- although ESS sought to reduce the instability even further.  After deep discussions with Fairford’s Technical Sales Manager David Taper a solution was found. David used Fairford’s wealth of experience to discover the solution that used standard XFE software with a modification to one of the internal parameters.
After the software was modified and extensively tested, David and one of our Design Engineers travelled to Winchester in Hampshire to deliver an on-site investigation and testing of the new bespoke solution. The resolution worked flawlessly, the compressors ran smoother and quieter, and as well as the huge benefits of energy saving, Fairford have helped the client to become a green company.
This whole procedure took just 7 days from initial contact to our engineers arriving on-site to carry out testing and the successful implementation of our bespoke solution. At Fairford, personal, dedicated support and solutions to any weird and wonderful application are at the heart of our business. Contact Fairford if you want a motor controller manufacturer who goes the extra mile.


iERS is the most efficient technology for starting and running fixed speed motor applications.

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