Does Brand Value Exist?

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

I’ve just returned from a family holiday in South East Turkey. This was my first visit to the country and I was not sure what to expect, but the people were very friendly, the scenery was stunning, the food was good, the weather warm and the beer cold. We will be certainly returning to this beautiful country in the future. Turkey has always been where Europe meets the East, both geographically and culturally, and today this is truer than ever, with Turkey working to join its western neighbours in the European Union, yet to the east it is bordered by the Middle East and all the tensions in that region.

This contradiction can perhaps be seen on the streets where traditional crafts such as carpet making, compete for attention alongside counterfeit luxury goods. All the luxury brands of watches, footwear, jeans, clothing, perfume, pens, video games and luggage are offered for sale at a fraction of the cost of the genuine item. Luxury watches for €65, and 2 pairs of designer jeans for €25.

These luxury brands are supposedly valued for their designs, quality and exclusivity, yet these traders are only meeting the demand from endless tourists who are eager to buy a counterfeit ‘bargain’. So, how much do we truly value these brands if we are willing to accept poor quality and illegal copies? It seems we only value the brand name, the logo and the recognition this brings, rather than the quality, performance and reliability of the product itself. Purchasing a counterfeit watch may be a bit of ‘harmless fun’, and we may be disappointed when it stops working after a few weeks, but no one is injured and no great loss has occurred.

Unlike a counterfeit watch, if industrial automation equipment fails it can lead to serious injury and almost always incurs significant cost. The Fairford Electronics brand is highly respected, and when you purchase a Fairford soft start you are investing in 30years of continuous product development, compliance to global product safety standards and future product support.

We believe the Fairford brand value extends far beyond the name and the logo, and reflects the quality, reliability and performance of our products. So when specifying soft starts it is essential to consider are you purchasing a genuine brand leading product with the security this brings or purchasing an inferior copy with no guarantees.

Mark Shepherd – Managing Director
Fairford Electronics


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