Synergy – Redefining Motor Control

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Fairford has always been at the forefront of any major changes within the industry whether these be technology based or even that of standards and certification. Recently we have been working closely with GAMBICA and with the development of the ‘EN50xxx Efficiency of Power Drive Systems’ standard and contributing to the EU Eco Design Lot 30 ( study.
As such we consider that we are in an enviable position to react to any proposed changes that may be relevant.

In 2010 Fairford Electronics Ltd saw that there were some increasing market demands on the motor control industry. Energy saving has always been important in this field however in recent years this has started to take precedent over other aspects. Smaller and more robust units are being sought but with ever increasing levels of functionality but with reduced cost.
In November 2010 Fairford started work on the design and development of a new form of motor control that created a synergy between existing Soft starter technology and that of Variable Speed Drives. After 6 months of specification and information gathering design of a new technology started.
‘Motor Control Technology is now entering a new phase in its development. Synergy is a collaboration of desired technology in a new lower cost motor controller. Many clients wish for the functionality of a drive but at the foot print and cost of a Soft starter. Fairford have bridged the gap between these two differing technologies and with enhanced energy saving can now offer the market a unique product to suit a greater range of applications’ says Stephen Royle Director of Sales and Marketing.


Synergy has been created with the needs of the market place and those of specific industries in mind. The first release is size one which will reach up to 100Amps and will be followed by 2 further sizes up to 1800 Amps as a standard offering. It utilises some of the existing features developed by Fairford and incorporates new requirements.

Synergy spec


Future developments and releases include embedded web server for field service and maintenance as well as energy saving reporting.

‘Synergy is redefining the rule book on motor controller size vs performance. It achieves a 54% decrease in controller size compared to competitor offerings. This performance improvement has been the result of extensive thermal modelling and the introduction of innovative and effective cooling methods. This has been made by the introduction of two patented technologies that cannot be emulated by any other motor controller.
However, Synergy is not just about size reduction at the cost of performance and features. An industry leading human interface, extensive input / output programmability, and enhanced energy optimising features place Synergy at the leading edge of motor control.’ Says Bob Ching – Product Development Director.

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synergy – Redefining Motor Control


Fairford has the capability to design and manufacture bespoke motor control solutions for OEMs and Industrial Automation vendors.

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