Synergy™ through the eyes of an apprentice

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

My name is Tom I am twenty one years old and in August of 2013 I began working for Fairford Electronics as a technical sales apprentice. Fairford both design and manufacture an extensive range of Soft Start motor controllers, both under our own brand name and also for a number of major motor control gear manufacturers. Previous to my arrival at Fairford I had not so much as seen a soft starter or indeed any type of motor controller.

The first soft starter I was ever presented with was the Synergy™ which is Fairford’s latest innovation in soft starting. To someone who had no knowledge of soft starting, no idea what to expect I was completely blown away. In fact I would challenge anyone, new to the motor control industry or a seasoned veteran, to not be impressed. For me the instant comparisons I could make were to things such as the iphone or some kind of slim lined games console. To imagine that the device no bigger than a box of trainers, could be capable of controlling such large motors, driving massive applications was simply astounding.

The first thing you realise is of course the insanely small frame size followed by the multi lingual touch screen display. To a complete novice seeing the touch screen display lead me into thinking that this would be the same for all soft starters from all manufacturers, I could not have been more wrong. Synergy™ is actually the only soft start motor controller in the world, to have this kind of technology incorporated as standard into its design. As part of my training and education here at Fairford I have undertaken many comparison tasks putting Synergy™ against some of our competitors leading products. Needless to say that Synergy™ came out on top or on par in every area of comparison.

Another task I completed was to produce a live menu guide for the Synergy™ detailing all the screens and methods of setup. On being given this task I felt slightly daunted, although I knew the Synergy™ was rumoured to have a ‘simple’ set up, still being very early in my education I feared I wouldn’t know enough. Once again Synergy™ proved me completely wrong and blew me away. Using the touch screen is so simple, with everything on screen being crystal clear and navigating between screens as easy as sending a text message I couldn’t really go wrong if I tried! I was able to complete the menu guide and it will now be incorporated into the official Synergy™ manual.

Being an apprentice at Fairford of course I would sing the praises of our new product, so I’d like to give an unbiased example of just how impressive both in design and functionality Synergy™ really is.

Fairford Electronics this year completed a job for Fawares Petroleum Services on a 150HP pump application. The Soft starter which was a Synergy™: SGY 205 was installed inside a panel as part of the control system. Mr Ibrahim Kamel – projects manager was happy with the installation itself but was most impressed by Synergy™ due to its remotely updated software and its crystal clear touchscreen display.

With synergy™ whenever new software is created here at Fairford that software can be with our users within minutes via email or sent via USB to any address worldwide. Mr Kamel is just one of many users who have experienced synergy™ and would attest to both its innovative design and ultra-modern features.


Variable Speed Drives are not needed in all applications, with fixed speed loads, a soft-starter is a better option.

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