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With ratings from 2.2kW to 22kW, the PFE is ideally placed to support smaller AC induction motors.   Easy DIN rail mounting makes the PFE the natural choice for distributors and customers alike.

Benefiting from Fairford’s excellence in engineering, the PFE combines the quality and reliability you have come to expect. This is one product that ticks all the boxes.

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Features and Benefits

Internally Bypassed
Reduces cost because the Soft Starter is out of circuit once it has done its job. This reduces cabinet size and the heat produced which again reduces cost.

Over Current Protected
Protects the Soft Starter against use above its duty rating.

45mm Wide (Size 1)
Same width as typical existing control gear for easy connectability and enables a more compact cabinet to be used.

DIN Rail Mounted
For easy installation – it just clips on.

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Product Options

Auxiliary Fan Auxiliary Fan – Allows up to 60 Starts per Hour

PSU005-R - 100/230VAC to 24VDC PSU005-R – 100/230VAC to 24VDC – Power Supply for PFE 02 to PFE 18

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Technical Data

5 – 41 Amp (2.2 – 22kW @400V)

Operational Voltage
230 – 460 VAC (-15% +10%)

Rated Frequency
50 – 60 Hz +/- 2Hz

Start Time
1 to 30 Seconds

Stop Time
0 to 30 Seconds

Index Rating
AC53b: 3-5 : 355

Starts per Hour
Up to 60 with Optional Fan

IP Rating

1000m without de-rating

Ambient Temperature
0°C to 40°C without de-rating

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  • PFE Basic Guide

    This is the quick start guide for the PFE range of Soft Starters describing their basic use and operation.

  • PFE Brochure

    This is a brochure detailing the sales highlights of the PFE range of Soft Starters.

  • PSU Brochure

    This is a brochure detailing the sales highlights of the 24VDC Power Supply Units.

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