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synergy – Redefining Soft Starters

With a unique combination of features, performance and size, Fairford has redefined the benchmark for soft starter design.

The incorporation of Fairford’s unique iERS technology allows synergy to deliver unrivalled soft start performance alongside energy saving capability on partially loaded motors.

With product size and cabinet capacity becoming an increasing focus we developed synergy to deliver the greatest power to size ratio of any other soft starter.

In addition synergy uses Fairford’s globally renowned Automatic Setup feature which allows the user to programme the unit to any common application using a simple 4 button process. To keep pace with the modern technology, synergy removes the need for buttons and uses intuitive touch screen technology.

With built in full motor overload protection as well as full data logging, field serviceable fans, upgradeable firmware and extensive input/output programmability, synergy meets all of the key design criteria.


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Features and Benefits

Ease of Use
The display will show all messages in full and in multiple languages. The use of graphic/schematic images will aid understanding. Detailed logging will aid setup and onboard USB will allow configurations to be upload/downloaded and emailed.

Touch Screen
Colour Touch screen on all versions.

Plug n Play
The SoftStarter will ‘tune’ itself to the load.

Auto Set Up
The automatic functionality has been expanded so that more features can be configured without referring to parameter lists.

Energy optimizing is combined with bypass to give energy saving in more applications.

Field replaceable fans.

2yr warranty. This is made economically viable by the comprehensive logging features, so fault conditions can be easily identified.


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Product Options

Synergy Keypad Remote keypad for synergy

synergy Finger Guards Finger guards for synergy

synergy Splitter Splitter

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Technical Data

3-phase SCR Energy Saving Motor Controller

Size 1 up to 100A
Size 2 up to 195A
Size 3 up to 500A
Size 4 up to 722A
Size 5 up to 1080A

Internally Bypassed

Motor Protection
Full I2T Motor Overload with memory.
Current limit set at 4.5x to meet IEC standards.

Supply Voltages
208, 230, 400,460 volts as standard
Allowing for varying supply frequency 45Hz-65Hz

Standard Duty Rating
Trip Class 10
3x 23 or 3.5x 17
5 starts/hour
90% duty

Frame Sizes
Up to 100Amps 95mm wide
Up to 195Amps 142mm wide
Up to 500Amps 205mm wide

Enclosure Type
Up to 195Amps IP20/NEMA 1 – with finger guard
Above 195Amps IP00/NEMA 1
Optional Finger Guards up to 195A to ensure full IP20 enclosures.

Enclosure Construction
Main chassis: Metal
Front Cover: Injection Moulded Plastic
Terminal Covers: Injection Moulded Plastic

Terminal Position
Terminal position/spacing to match common contactors.

Terminal Construction
Up to 195Amps Cage Clamp
Above 195Amps Plain Busbar

Control Voltages
24V DC, 110/230V AC

Ambient Operating Conditions
-20deg C to 50deg C

Fairford iERS Energy Saving Technology

In Delta/6 wire connection – Yes

Display Technology
3.5“ Colour-TFT Touch Screen

Optional IP55 full colour touch keypad available for remote/door fitting.

Multiple language options.

3 x NO programmable output relays
1 x NC programmable output relays
3 x programmable digital inputs
1 x PTC thermistor input
1 x 0-10V/4-20m Analogue input
1 x 0-10V/4-20m Analogue output
1 x USB

Standard: ModBus
Optional: Anybus providing CAN, Profibus, Ethernet, DeviceNET

Data Logging
Equipped with 4Gb memory, allowing the logging of every event.
Date of first start (warranty date)
Total number of soft starts.
Number of soft stops.
Number of error events.
Display event logs.
Export data in CSV format.

EU/IEC Legislation
IEC 60947-4-2: 2012
Low Voltage Directive
Battery Directive
Energy Using Products/Energy Related Product Directives

Products comply to REACH, SVHC, RoHS and WEEE.



Fan efficiency detected, logged and reported.

Field Serviceability
Firmware upgrade from USB port.

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  • Placeholder Ethernet IP

    This is the EDS file for the Ethernet IP Interface available to purchase from Fairford.

  • Placeholder Profibus DP

    This is the GSD file for the Profibus DP Interface available to purchase from Fairford.

  • Placeholder StarterView

    StarterView is a Windows application that can be used to configure and monitor Fairford synergy and agility soft starters.

  • synergy Brochure

    This is a brochure detailing the synergy range of soft start motor controllers.

  • Placeholder synergy Ethernet IP Interface User Guide

    The Ethernet IP Interface is intended to be installed in the Synergy option slot, and allows the Synergy to be connected to an Ethernet IP network.

  • Placeholder synergy Firmware

    Download the most up to date firmware to ensure that synergy is always working with the most advanced features.

    Check back here regularly to see if there is a new version available.

    For more information on how to update synergy please watch this video:

  • Placeholder synergy Full User Manual

    This is the user manual for the synergy range of soft start motor controllers describing the electrical installation, mechanical information, the settings available within the Advanced menu and the Modbus protocol.

  • Placeholder synergy Profibus DP Interface User Guide

    The Profibus DP Interface is intended to be installed in the Synergy option slot, and allows the Synergy to be connected to an Profibus DP network.

  • synergy Quick Start Guide

    This is the quick start guide for the synergy range of soft start motor controllers describing their basic use and operation.

Fairford has over 34 years experience of designing, manufacturing and delivering innovative industrial motor control solutions.

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