Panel Builders & Integrators

Fairford’s engineers, sales managers and distributors are in daily contact with panel builders and system integrators across the globe. This gives our team an insight to the challenges and means that products like Synergy incorporate the features that really make a difference.

Fairford Soft Start - Panel Builders & Integrators
  • Standard 50degC Operation without derating.
  • Compact Size
  • Standard communications and access to multiple protocols.
  • Multiple control voltages as standard (24vDC, 110-230vAC)
  • Reliability

Focusing on soft starters, with the largest possible ranges places Fairford in the leading position to support  Panel Builders & Integrators with their fixed speed motor control challenges.

Fairford has the capability to design and manufacture bespoke motor control solutions for OEMs and Industrial Automation vendors.

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